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Writing and recording of DISEASE began July 2010, two months after the release of Disconnect, (the album's predecessor) and was itself released in December of the same year. Over the long months that I wrote this album, I watched the vines outside creep over the window, gradually blocking out quite a lot of daylight. The cobwebs in my 'studio' became thick and heavy, and generations of spiders witnessed the music being made. I sometimes wonder what their tiny insect brains made of all the sound; I like to think they enjoyed it. Paint began to crack and flake, dust accumulated faster than I cared to remove it, and that insidious black mold occasionally showed up in some unchecked recess of the room. The lightbulb in my lamp also developed an irritating flicker.I think this all had some influence on how the album finally turned out.


released December 14, 2010

DISEASE was written, recorded and produced by Dace Merryweather.



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Track Name: No More Forever
Welcome to the real world, where your life has been foretold

The endless time of yesterday has all dried up or bled away

It happened fast, before you knew, not that there was anything you could do

Now you're in a place of perpetual decay, where you can waste yourself away

Welcome to this paradise, it's yours if you will pay the price

An eternity of servitude, or however long you live will do

No way out, you're here to stay, everything was meant to be this way

Do not try to work it out, nothing good will come from doubt
Track Name: Sedative
Lights on the horizon start to flicker out one by one, the cold and dark creep up so fast as we forget the sun

Out of endless blackness, a monster rears it's head, and speaks in velvet whispers of a better path to tread

No longer must you fight against a world that seems insane, just give yourself to madness and it will dull the pain

Drugged into a stupor on a throne of fools gold, information overdose, can't make sense of what you're told

When we've got you walking backwards and buying the air you breathe, you'll be so tired and useless that you won't know how to leave

Trapped within the nightmare, this place becomes your home, day by day you fade away within the safety zone

All your idle aspirations and dreams of a better life are falling by the wayside, right before your eyes

As your tomb is taking shape, your option drain away, terminally stood in line, waiting for the day

All you are is itemized, nice and calm and sterilized, when when you try to take a stand, you find that you are paralyzed

Gradually you realise that everything is fucked, the only way to live with this is to slowly self destruct
Track Name: Coma
Night or day, it's all the same, either way you're here again

The noise is gone, it's quiet here, beneath the moon, when the world is still

Seems so long since you came here, memories disappear

Start to feel worried as you sing an unfamiliar song, daybreak should have come hours ago, something here is going wrong

You have been led astray in your own fragmented dream, rhyme and reason fade away, nothing here is as it seems

Before long the nightmare will devour the mind that feeds, your paranoia is self-sustaining, taking what it needs

Going mad you wander round, as days turn into years, lost within a labyrinth created by your fears
Track Name: Dream of Death
Black eyes shine


Track Name: New Born Bastard
Welcome back to the real world, you've finally escaped, no longer lost in fever dreams, the world is yours to take

The stench of death is everywhere, it all reeks of disease, this place is a lifeless wasteland and it's time for me to leave

I'm no longer part of your decaying collective, I tasted your promise and found it to be deceptive

fueled by righteous anger and desire to be free, never to be fooled again, lies are all you see

Temper your defiant rage and clench it in your fist, burning up with energy and ready to resist

I'm no longer part of your decaying collective, I tasted your promise and found it to be deceptive

I'm no longer part of your decaying collective, I trusted your promise and found it to be deceptive
Track Name: No Way Back
Found a town in the middle of nowhere, there was something wrong about the people, their eyes were vacant, staring at the ground, they looked right through me as they drift around, along the paths that they used to tread, this is a town of the living dead

No, no, never going home, the dead rule the earth and you're on your own

Not a sound but their hollow moans, except for the dead I am here alone, as the sun sinks down behind the trees, something draws their stare to me, life is a sin for which I must atone and I realise this town used to be my home

No, no, never going home, the dead rule the earth and I'm on my own
Track Name: The Harvest
Lost within this empty world, I observed a monster, and what I saw left me disturbed and feeling so much older

For it was once a human, now twisted out of shame, it's form is merely shadow yet it spreads a deadly plague

It's harvesting humanity, and growing oh so fast, it's churning out the lifeless ones on a scale unsurpassed

It makes them cold and numb, lethargic and tired, then it crawls inside their dreams and extinguishes their fire

The monster no-one else can see is harvesting humanity, swallowing the world with ease, infecting all with it's disease

You're easier to process if you don't put up a fight, so it suffocates the heart and mind until you see its light

it feeds upon the dying, all it has infected, it drains out all the energy and leaves it's victims wretched, and when their minds are going blank, their bodies in decay, it feasts upon their very soul, resistance drained away

The monster no-one else can see is harvesting humanity, swallowing the world with ease, infecting all with its disease

You're easier to process if you don't put up a fight, so it suffocates the heart and mind until you see its light

Is this in reality just part of being human, is this twisted fantasy or paranoid delusion?
Track Name: Dehumanize
No time to rest it's coming soon, act now or be consumed

Ready or not it's heading for you, you are nothing more than food

So hide away your vital signs, what it wants, it will not find

In order to survive, you must first dehumanize

I will hide myself away, deep inside where it is safe, make sure that I won't display the weakness that makes me the prey

Nothing new gets in, nothing old gets out, this mask of insincerity has freed my mind from doubt

It's every man for himself, put your trust in no-one else, put your trust in no-one else

Make sure everything is hid, cause it will take what you can't give

You know that the rest are wrong, only alone can you be strong

To save all that is inside, you must first dehumanize
Track Name: Into the Wasteland
All of your thoughts have gone up in flame, here in the wasteland you've found your grave

Selfish, stupid, self-contained, paranoia unrestrained

There's a ringing in your ears, the dreadful sound of waiting years

In your attempt to save your mind, you lost what you kept deep inside

See yourself and recognize the hollow empty haunted eyes of dead who walk the earth again, you are becoming one of them
Track Name: In Time (On the Brink)
The time that was is gone, it left behind an unfinished song of fighting back and living free, but the words no longer speak to me

The smog blocks out the sun, now the guiding light is gone, the road ahead is so unclear, doubt now plants the seeds of fear

They said don't hold on, it's just a phase, the feelings will subside with age, and you'll be happy with what you've got, you won't even notice the rot

I don't want to fade away, the fire's dying every day, don't want to forget my mind, don't want to lose myself in time

This is it, the curtain call, you're on the brink of nothing at all, come to us, you're welcome home, you're one of the dead but you're not alone

It was never meant to be, you're a self-fulfilling prophecy now get it over with and sign on the dotted line within your mind
Track Name: How to Surrender
It it all made up, is it natural to mankind, was the monster that I saw really just a state of mind?

Was I wrong all along, was instinct fooling me, could it be that there's no cure because there is no disease?

What if I was right, in everyone the monster dwells? Then sedation is preferable to living in this hell

Now I can no longer see, in this fading light, the reason that I thought it worth putting up a fight

You could give up easily, if you could just see, then you would just surrender

Take the pressure off of me, put me back to sleep, I could just surrender

You may think you're only one and you are freedom's only son, but suddenly it means you are alone

When the wasteland is your home it seems so hard to carry on when you could just surrender

Taking impermanence into account, you became lost in the shadow of doubt

Admit to yourself that the fire is dead, stop running from something that's all in your head

Look to the blind when no-one can see, and follow the dead back into the dream

How the fuck can I alone know better than the rest, and how can I justify this self-righteous unrest?

Tell me how I can oppose that which I do not know, pretentious and arrogant, and put on all for show

Reading far too much into what was never there, I came up with a monster as a reason for despair

Is this a disease draining my mental health, or is it simply natural to second-guess myself?
Track Name: Cure
Another piece falls into place, the picture has now changed, an endless loop of static in which you still remain

Found yourself in the here and now, wretched in your prime, getting comfortable on a sinking ship, running out of time

The monster is a part of you that you can never kill, manipulated and afraid, you bend to your own will, this is how it takes it shape, the pattern's clear to see, you noticed it just before the cycle was complete

There was no revelation, it came as no surprise, for years it had been lingering right before your eyes

You were always part of this decaying collective, all the others, just like you, hidden in defenses

The monster is a part of you that's putting you to sleep, you mistook it in others for a symptom of disease, shut off and cynical, dead to the outside world, you believed in nothing, not even in yourself

Living as a monument to apathy and fear, confronted by the universe, no way to disappear

Every moment slips away, blurring with the passing days, leaving just a memory that someday will be lost to me

How I want to tear it down, watch the monument hit the ground, somebody please set me free, find a cure for my disease

Walk in circles, try to find the definition of your time, question everything you see, reality could be a dream, but answers come as vague impressions, bringing only further questions

In the chaos, patterns form, the bringer of disease is born, tendrils creep into your mind, you think you see the grand design, here's an answer and it's free, requires only your belief, absolves you of the need to be if all is tainted by disease

From here on out it's up to you, believe in what you will

Try to hide or see it through, but time will not stand still