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Another piece falls into place, the picture has now changed, an endless loop of static in which you still remain

Found yourself in the here and now, wretched in your prime, getting comfortable on a sinking ship, running out of time

The monster is a part of you that you can never kill, manipulated and afraid, you bend to your own will, this is how it takes it shape, the pattern's clear to see, you noticed it just before the cycle was complete

There was no revelation, it came as no surprise, for years it had been lingering right before your eyes

You were always part of this decaying collective, all the others, just like you, hidden in defenses

The monster is a part of you that's putting you to sleep, you mistook it in others for a symptom of disease, shut off and cynical, dead to the outside world, you believed in nothing, not even in yourself

Living as a monument to apathy and fear, confronted by the universe, no way to disappear

Every moment slips away, blurring with the passing days, leaving just a memory that someday will be lost to me

How I want to tear it down, watch the monument hit the ground, somebody please set me free, find a cure for my disease

Walk in circles, try to find the definition of your time, question everything you see, reality could be a dream, but answers come as vague impressions, bringing only further questions

In the chaos, patterns form, the bringer of disease is born, tendrils creep into your mind, you think you see the grand design, here's an answer and it's free, requires only your belief, absolves you of the need to be if all is tainted by disease

From here on out it's up to you, believe in what you will

Try to hide or see it through, but time will not stand still


from DISEASE, released December 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Neon Rooks UK

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