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Disconnect was written and recorded over the first few months of 2010, starting in the middle of the winter floods, and finishing on a warm summer day. It has 9 tracks and runs for 43 minutes. There are guitars involved.


released May 21, 2010



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Track Name: In the Here and Now
No-one here to show me around, I'm really not used to the here and now
In a strange house on a telephone call, distracted by the vines coming out of the wall

The man on the line sounds tinny and vague, I think he said something about getting away but the lights flicker out and the line goes dead, and suddenly I realise this is all in my head

I am in the here and now, don't ask my why or how, just get me out of here, I need to disappear

Now everything comes back into focus with a lot of new stuff that I'd rather not notice, like a shadow crawling across the floor from a man in the room I hadn't seen before
Darkness in his eyes and a knife in his hand, I am helpless to do all but stand as I watch him orchestrate my ruin, it occurs to me that this is all delusion

I am in the here and now, don't ask my why or how, just get me out of here, I need to disappear

The world outside is a barren waste, nothing left here but a bitter taste and the sky has turned the colour of blood and the land sinks under a rising flood and as the walls of reality decay the present moment slips away, in the black come thoughts and questions, open doorways, new dimensions
Track Name: Disconnect
It seems for now that the lines are down as you drift into the unknown
There's no-one in sight in this world of light and you realise that you're alone
but after some time, just you and your mind, it's started to feel so serene

Dead air on the radio, static on the screen

So here you are, you went too far, to the outside of your inner world, where phantoms live, it's your private abyss, feel the silence taking hold
Confusion grows, with no way to know, exactly what I've seen

Dead air on the radio, static on the screen
Track Name: Dread Nebula
Our headlights do nothing much to show the road ahead as we drive on further in to the nebula of dread

Ghastly faces leering in so wicked and depraved, not one of us here is doomed but no-one can be saved

It's been a while since we passed the point of no return, and all we thought would be here it seems has been and gone

We hear the spirits moaning, the fog surrounds the car, maybe it's trying to figure out exactly what we are

We can feel the tremors, we must be getting close, just hold out a while longer, and maybe up the dose

We will stop at nothing to see what lies ahead, disregard all warnings and walk upon the dead

Deep within the nebula reality starts to change, someone needs to keep a grip 'cause I feel a little strange

The thoughts that I am having may seem disturbed and grim, but I will not rest untill I've torn you limb from limb

Madness screaming death defying don't look down and don't look back
Catastrophic bloody rampage, Just attack attack attack
All my thoughts have turned to acid, everything has gone pitch black
Track Name: Adrift
Drifting eternally between the stars, though eyes vacant and dull we stare at the dark
A moment of nothing lasts uncounted years, the silence of the universe swallows our fears

Asleep in the emptiness, free, unaware
safe from the maddening grip of despair, we live out our timeless existencce unseen, for as long as we know we have been in the dream

My world is an echo of that which is gone, but with me those long turned to dust still live on, immortal unknowing, I endlessly sleep, in this rose tinted life I will forever be
Track Name: All the Voices
I care not for your reasoning, for your excuses, and your politics
I see through to your very core, I am the cause of your internal war

I'm a hundred thousand years of our deepest darkest fears

I am ruin, I'm salvation, I'm the rot in the foundation

I'm the shadow of a doubt, I'm the cage with no way out

I am peace, and I am war, I am what you've waited for
Try to see and understand, hope that I will guide your hand

I am hope and I am time, I'm the very spark of life

I am laughter I am light, I am all your vital signs

I am really not a lot, but then again I'm all you've got

Burning bright, like a thousand suns I devour the weak and becone just one
I know all I am spiritual, I am chemical, I am truth

All you ever truly wanted, all you ever thought you saw
all too easy to ignore just turn your head and close the door
Hush your mind and try to hide, just shut your mouth and live your life
you may become numb to me but I will never cease to be
Track Name: A World Beyond
Lost in a maze, a twisted paradise, where the rules of the world melt away like ice

The place that I am in is familliar to me, like a moment from a dream or a faded memory

I arrive at a house that lost a fight with time, the painted walls were flaking overrun with vines

The sun rises high in the clear blue sky, I listened for a sound and I heard your cry

I saw you in a mirror next to my reflection, hiding from decay in your world of perfection

You're looking at me strangely from behind the glass, I can't tell if you're here or an image from the past

I saw defined upon your face a picture of distorted grace, a fading pictue of a place, of summer rain and mist
Track Name: Screaming at the Sun
Buning through my mind, no longer am I confined, I will get my hands upon my time, take reality fr a ride

Screaming at the sun, I can't be the only one, now the time has come to act before it's all undone

Losing momentum, falling down, I need to climb back up or I will drown

Soaring through the sky, I am weightless for a time, suddently I see the light, now I have opened my eyes
Track Name: State of Decay
Leering faces flashing lights, not sure everything's alright
Staring eyes see through the flesh, and tear into whatever's left

Resolution starts to break, this is more than you can take
This is not your rightfull place, now is the time to escape

Shallow worthless peice of shit, you scream and shout but won't admit you locked the doors and cut the phone because you like being alone
State of decay fragile nerves will betray
Words fade away, silence breeds disarray

We're just not on the same page, as aprehension turns to rage
In shades of red you look at me, disgusted by what you see

Monster rising from the deep where nightmares form and corpses sleep
Gone tomorrow here today, if in doubt then run away
Lock the doors and cut the phone, pretend nobody is home
If you hear a noise outside, in sullen shadows you can hide

Don't take it to heart
Pressure builds upon your mind
Tear it all apart
Leave no trace for them to find

This is all too much
Panic has a stranglehold
Afraid of a touch
Afraid of what your eyes have told

Too late, too late, too late

Watch it crumble down
The foundations fall apart
Deafened by the sound
It is too late to depart

Too late to escape
You have gone too far away
The future's taking shape
Under this state of decay

Too late, too late, too late
Track Name: Somewhere Else
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of reach, out of time